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A child jumping into a swimming pool after their swimming lesson at Swimcare
The swimming pool at Swimcare in Coffs Harbour
A child swimming at a swimming class at Swimcare

Swim SChool Classes For all ages

SwimCare Swim School provides swim classes for babies, kids and adults. We stay up to date on all the teaching methods to ensure we use the latest techniques. Our classes provide a lot of fun, but the primary focus is on safety.

We pay attention to the individual needs of every child. That’s why we don’t offer classes with more than four children (except with baby and squad classes). Your child receives maximum benefits from this attention. Teachers don’t miss or overlook students due to overcrowded classes.

If a child experiences a bad lesson, we offer make-up classes. This is an unlimited courtesy to our customers. We prove we are dedicated to your children and their ability to swim. We want to take them through every level as they get older.

We take great pride in our teachers, many of them have been with us for more than ten years. Every instructor with SwimCare also has AUSTSWIM qualifications.
Kids having a swimming lesson with an instructor at Swimcare

Swim School Benefits


Babies don’t have a fear of water. The earlier you introduce swimming to them, the better results you see. With a baby class, you also experience great bonding between the parent and child. We take children through the various stages of lessons to maximise their learning potential. There’s no limit to where your child can advance to.
Because all instruction starts with safety, you gain peace of mind when your children encounter water. Swimming is also excellent exercise and easy on the joints. Many health benefits come from swimming, including asthma management.

Our students have fun and experience water in new ways. If we don’t provide something you need, let us know. We aim to accommodate all of our guests.


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If you have any further questions regarding our swim school classes and facilities, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.