Swim Care School — Swimming Lesson in Coffs Harbour, NSW

About SWimCare Swim School


SwimCare Swim School started in 2001 in the backyard of a home. We never imagined it would become as big as it has, but have gratitude for the overwhelming response. Now we operate two facilities: Boambee since 2005 and Moonee since 2017. We have bigger plans for the future and hope you will join us.

Our trained staff strives to work with each swimmer based on individual needs. That’s why all class sizes remain at a minimum, for more personal attention. Our primary focus is on safety. That’s the first thing we teach before moving any further. From there, we focus heavily on strokes and technique.


Our Swim School Classes

We provide classes for babies from 3 months old. These classes also help the parent and child bond. Learning at this young age sets children up for success as they grow.
We also provide preschool and junior swim classes through to adult classes. We focus on four kids at once to ensure appropriate attention is given. Your children receive the full benefit of our lessons because they would get overlooked in a large class. During the instruction, they also have time to interact with other children, which grows social skills.

After the basic strokes are mastered, it’s possible to move onto squad classes. They take the technique to the next level for further learning and expertise.