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Kid in Pink Goggles — Kids Swimming Lesson in Coffs Harbour, NSW
Kids Swimming — Kids Swimming Lesson in Coffs Harbour, NSW
Boy with Blue Goggles — Kids Swimming Lesson in Coffs Harbour, NSW

OUr Kids Swimming Classes

SwimCare offers kids classes that are focussed on your child’s skill set. We start the program with children starting from two-years-old. All of our classes are limited to four students at once. This gives the instructor the time to pay individual attention to your child.

Our Water Explorers class allows parents to watch, but we encourage you to allow them space to learn. The more freedom they have, the better they tend to do. If you want to help, encourage your child to listen to our instructors. Together we make a great team.

The first focus of any class is safety. We can’t teach anything else until that is covered. From there, we move your children through the levels based on what they need to know.
Girl Swimming in Orange Swimsuit — Swimming Lesson in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Kids Class Focus


A foundational class teaches children to get comfortable in the water. We want them to have comfort and security. It’s vital that they overcome any anxiety to progress further. We teach breath control, independent floating, submersion, independent kicking and elementary strokes.
The next step is to teach more advanced techniques. The goal is to learn basic breathing and swim skills. Children have no anxiety prior to moving onto these points. They submerge and float without trouble. That’s when we take them further into the strokes. We also teach improved breath control and how to efficiently stroke.
Advanced swimmers still have a lot to learn. Our expert staff enjoys going deeper with skilled children. We teach side breathing, coordination, body position, rhythmic breathing and treading water. Our children aim to achieve maximum endurance during advanced lessons.

Our team knows when children have the expertise to move up to another level. We progress children as soon as they are ready. Trust us to give them the best instruction possible.


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