Swim facilities in Coffs Harbour


SwimCare Swim School started in the back of the Bell’s home back in 2001. At the time, Lori Bell was the only receptionist and instructor. The business grew through word of mouth and letter box drops. As the student numbers increased rapidly, Lori knew she had to do something more. After having two more children, Lori knew she didn’t have the energy to continue on her own but didn’t want to let down the children.
Kid and Instructor in Pool — Swimming Lesson in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Boambee SWim School


In 2005, the Bell’s built SwimCare Boambee to handle the magnitude of students. Lori also changed roles and put more focus on the administration and reception side. In the beginning, Troy and two teachers, Beth and Helen hopped onto the team. Since then, the group has only expanded further.

With this purpose-built facility, more students learn how to swim every day. The centre makes our team proud and we always strive to improve it wherever we can.

Moonee Swim SChool


In 2016, SwimCare met with Moonee Market to create a second location. The owners of Moonee Market didn’t want anyone else to participate because they respected the reputation of SwimCare. This opportunity provided a great chance to teach even more children. It was impossible to turn down the prospect of training more children to swim.
SwimCare Moonee opened in February 2017. The highlights of the SwimCare Learn to Swim centre include the 600 deep pool, which is a first in Coffs Harbour. We also have realistic aquatic murals, friendly staff and exceptional play areas. Our goal is to let everyone feel welcome and relaxed. Above all, what’s most valuable is the program we use to teach kids how to swim. Through our years of experience, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing many people advance up in the levels rapidly.

Boy Swimming in the Pool — Swimming Lesson in Coffs Harbour, NSW