Squad lessons in Coffs Harbour


At both of our facilities, we offer squad classes for further enjoyment and development. The squad program is for advanced swimmers that want a larger focus on fun and exercise. It’s not designed for competitive swimmers.

With this program, we work with children ages 15 and older or adults. Anyone joining these classes must be competent in all four strokes. The instructor teaches new techniques and tips as needed.

Because we offer this class, it’s possible for students to stay with us from the baby years into adulthood. We have many long-term students that have come to love our classes and our teachers. We also have some squad classes that include the parents.

We also run an Adult Squad class on Monday nights. This class takes ages 15-50, making it the perfect parent/child activity while enjoying some physical activity. This doesn’t require you to be a strong swimmer; we only want you to have a good time and enjoy the water together. We do see large groups with this class so make sure you book in advance.
Teenager Swimming — Swimming Lesson in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Squad Swimming Benefits


Squad offers several benefits to any swimming journey. It is a great introduction to swim training, but also allows students to build technique and stamina. This also leads to a heightened level of safety. With proper instruction, swimmers have the confidence needed to swim proficiently.
Squad training offers the chance to make new friends. It also increases fitness levels and encourages endurance for other sports. Our sessions cater to multi-class swimmers, so everyone moves at their own pace. It’s the ideal way to have fun, socialise and gain vital experience, under the guidance of a qualified instructor.